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What is a pin (anatomy of a good pin)?

A pin is an image added to Pinterest. A pin can be added from a website using our bookmarklet or you can upload images from your computer. Each pin added using the bookmarklet links back to the site it came from.

To make Pinterest the most useful to yourself and others, follow best practices when pinning:

  • Pin from the original source.
  • Pin from permalinks.
  • Give credit and include a thoughtful pin description.

How to pin with the bookmarklet

Use the bookmarklet to pin as you browse the web. When you see an image you wan to pin, click Pin It on your browser. This will pull up all the images you can pin.

Select the image you want to pin, choose which board the image belongs on, type a description, and add some tags to help users search for it.

You can choose to share the pin to Facebook and/or Twitter. When you’re done, click Pin It.

What is a repin?

A repin is adding an image you find while browsing Pinterest to your own board. When you repin an image, the user who first pinned the image will also get credit. Repins maintain the source-link of the image no matter how many times it’s repinned.

How to repin

There are two ways to repin an image:
When viewing a pin in thumbnail-view, mouse-over the pin and click the Repin button.
When you’re viewing a pin in full-size view, click the Repin button at the top-left corner.

After you click Repin, choose a board. You can edit the description of the pin and choose to share it on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Then click Repin.

How to edit a pin

There are two ways to edit a pin:
When viewing one of your pins in thumbnail view, mouse-over the pin and then click the Edit button. After you make your changes, click Save.
When viewing a pin in full-size view, click Edit at the top-left corner. Make your changes and then click Save.

About Us

Pinterest News are an unofficial resource for the Pinterest social media site. We are a small team of individuals that share a passion about all things Pinterest, and are proud to be able to collate as much useful information about it as possible, and display it in a single, central place on the web. We hope that you enjoy the site as much as we do, and happy pinning - The Pinterest News Team


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