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Infographic: Deconstructing Everything Pinterest(ing)

This stunning infographic from the team at Maxymiser answers just about every burning question that you have ever had about the fastest growing social network that everybody is talking about

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Infographic: Is Pinterest A Social Commerce Game Changer

Here’s an infographic showing that consumers are more and more turning to social networking sites like Pinterest for their online experiences, and that businesses need to consider the impact that this is having. This infographic highlights the growth of Pinterest, and the impact it is having to referral traffic

Infographic: Should Your Business Be On Pinterest

The team at Intuit have put together this great infographic to see if Pinterest is right for your business. It asks all the questions that you need to think about and takes you on a thought process of if your business should use the worlds most popular pinning platform or to stay away.

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Infographic: Why Is Pinterest So Addictive?

For many, it will come as no surprise that Pinterest is rapidly becoming addictive among it’s growing user base. Studies suggest that we are quickly becoming a generation of individuals who are more attentative to visuals than we are to text.

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Infographic: The Power Of Pinterest

The few weeks have seen a whole raft of amazing and interesting statistics about Pinterest and the incredible growth of the worlds fastest growing social network. This awesome infographic showing us some of the top numbers that are currently being discussed everywhere

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Infographic: Pinterest vs Fancy

As Pinterest gathers momentum and takes the market share of all things visual, spare a thought for it’s competitors who are left behind. Thanks to the team at Quicko Technosoft Labs, here’s a great infographic comparing Pinterest and Fancy, showing some of the major differences between the two