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Infographic: How To Get More Pins And Repins

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There has been no shortage of insightful information about Pinterest over the last few weeks. As everybody’s favorite pinning platform has been growing quicker than a 100m runner at this years Olympics, we’ve been consuming all kinds of information on the fastest growing Social Network.

Dan Zarella, the self called social media scientist, managed to get his hands on a different set of data that is even more intriguing. Dan grabbed hold of data on 11,000 pins and produced the rather tasty infographic below.

It shows some amazing insights into pinning such as the effect of description lengths, the correlation of comments and likes to re-pins, the effect of image height on re-pins, and most interestingly, the most pinned and re-pinnable words.

Take a good look and tell all your pinning friends what you find.

Happy pinning

The Pinterest News Team

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Source [Dan Zarrella]



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