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5 Tips For Getting More Pinterest Followers

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So, you’ve wondered what all the fuss was about regarding the fasting growing social network on the planet? You’ve given into the hype and gone and got yourself a shiny new Pinterest account, and now wonder what you should do with it? Used correctly, it’s not only a great way of networking and sharing content from the internet, it’s also perfect way to build a following and raising awareness of your blog or other internet initiatives.

Of course, these networks don’t grow on their own, and you can’t use the platform to it’s potential without a large following. If you contribute, and use the network well, people will eventually follow. Here’s 5 great handy tips to start you on the right track to success:

Use Your Existing Networks

This one is pretty obvious. If you already have a network of loyal friends or followers, tell them about your new project and ask them to take a peek. Sharing great content with them is an excellent way of informing them of Pinterest and everything it has to offer.

Pinterest offers some reasonably good integration with both Facebook and Twitter and you should share and tweet your Pinterest content to them to spread the word. Use this to share and tweet your pins, and without any difficulty, people will come flocking across to your content to have a look at what you’re doing.

Follow Other Pinners

This is a standard social networking trick that is extremely effective, and offers clear two benefits. If you follow someone new, it’s very common for them to follow you in return. Not only is there sometimes a social media etiquette here, it’s extremely likely that you will have shared interests and subject matters, so it’s an obvious thing to do. If you search for other users in your chosen subject matter, there’s a strong chance that they will be interested in your content as well.

In addition, following other pinners will give you the opportunity of spreading your content to a much wider audience. If your new friends also have large followings, you immediately have access to share your content to more people and, in return, increase your own network size.

Post Great Content

You would think that this was another obvious point, but there are some minor details to follow to make sure you guarantee new followers will come.

  • Make sure your content is original, and if possible newsworthy of current affairs. Be different from the masses and put your own perspective on your pins.
  • Add a great caption to your pin, and include those all important keywords that others can find. Use hashtags to maximize search capability. Add them to new and interesting boards, and make you sure you give your boards a catchy title.
  • Make your content look good visually. After all, Pinterest is an image sharing platform. Make your content fresh and nice on the eye.
  • For maximum effectiveness, post your own content where possible. Dust down that old camera and get out of the house every once in a while and go crazy. You’ll be surprised how much great content is out there that others will be interested in.

Be Social

Make sure you contribute to the wider Pinterest community. Add comments to other people’s pins, share them with your networks as much you can – like it, tweet it, share it and generally be social. If you contribute to the Pinterest network, the network will contribute to yours.

Another great social activity is to become “Pinterest friends” with a like-minded individual and arrange to exchange pins with them. This is a great way to make sure your content is regularly shared with others.

Be Regular But Don’t Go Overboard

Make sure that you pin content to your boards regularly so that it doesn’t get stale. A constant and regular update of your pins will remind others that you are active on the networks and making use of it on a constant basis. Be careful not to go overboard as people will quickly get bored and stop following you. Under no circumstances should you use Pinterest to spam others with products or services.

Happy Pinning!

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