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Latest Update On Lost Pinterest Followers

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Many of you have seen a reduction in the number of your Pinterest followers over the last few days, and lots of you have tweeted, emailed and shared your frustration to all of your friends and followers (that still remain!).

Apparently, this is not the first time that this has happened, but the reaction has been the same nonetheless, and many of you are not happy about it (with just as many of you confused as to what is going on). Whilst it will not make many of you much happier about the world, it appears that there may have been some inaccuracies in previous reported statistics, and there has been a change to reflect this problem, and to improve the system.

If it makes you feel any better, Pinterest state that your repins and ‘like’ numbers have been unaffected and remain the same.

Lost Pinterest Followers

Enid Hwang from Pinterest has posted a brief entry on the official Pinterest blog, citing system-slowness, and bugs which miscounted the board followers vs the follow-all attribute for the root of the problem. He also states that one of the other reasons for the change has been as a result of changes introduced to combat spam accounts.

“Our growth has also attracted attention from spammers, so any decrease in followers is partly tied to fake accounts we’ve been removing”

He continued…

“We’re confident that the new counts will be accurate, and this process will be a big improvement for our infrastructure and all Pinners’ stats going forward, so we really appreciate your understanding.”. “We’re really sorry about the confusion and hopefully that’s a helpful explanation of what’s happening.”

He also explains that this recent change will also affect a raft of changes that will be introduced to the system soon, including:

  • “The new system will order lists chronologically to show newest followers/followings on top”
  • “We also hope this system will lay the foundation for clicking on a specific followers list on a board and adding a blocking feature, so we’re pretty excited that it’ll improve Pinterest in other ways too!”

Given the rapid growth in the pinning platform and the number of users that have started using the site recently, it will not come as a huge surprise that there are some teething problems. The problem is that none of us like to see a reduction in our “popularity” and this is one of the bugs that we are going to take personally.

Happy pinning!

The Pinterest News Team

p.s. Don’t forget to share this update with all your friends and followers




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