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Review: Improve Your Pinterest Pins With Pinerly

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For those of you wishing to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, improve your brand, or just understand more about your pinning activity on Pinterest, take a look at Pinerly.

Pinerly is a dashboard that provides a suite of tools to help content creators, and sellers of goods, post and measure their visual content on Pinterest. Like many other social networks, Pinterest itself offers us a wide range of statistics to it’s users, and you can track your boards, pins, followers and likes directly off the homepage. With Pinerly, you can go much deeper into your statistics and measure the impact of a pin, and what it does once it’s been posted. It tracks your most successful boards and pins over a given period and presents them to you in a neat and tidy dashboard.

Where Do I Start?

Pinerly is currently in Beta testing and will be available to the public very soon. Similar to Pinterest, Pinerly is currently an invitation only product, but there is also a referral program if you want to jump on that all-important waiting list.

Once, you’ve signed up, and logged in, you’re ready to go.

Pinerly Login Screen


Once you’ve signed in, you are presented with a summary dashboard of your statistics and campaigns (which is of little use to you on your first visit). The top corner of the dashboard gives you a summary of your Pinterest statistics, all of which you could find on the Pinterest site itself.

The main part of the screen gives you a summary of your Pinerly activity, showing users their engagement, best performing Pinterest boards, and best of all, your totals statistics for your campaigns. You can quickly see your total clicks on your Pinterest images, the number of pins, repins, and total reach of your pin after re-pins – a very useful statistic for measurement of success.

Pinerly Dashboard for Pinterest

Underneath the overview is a campaign summary that shows your top campaigns by date posted. As per the total summary, you can see the success of each pin by the number of clicks, pins and repins – as well as the total reach.

Pinterly Campaigns for Pinterest

Once you’ve viewed all of your important data on the summary, you’re ready to complete your next campaign.


A campaign in Pinerly is the process of pinning an image on Pinterest, and tracking it’s progress using the Pinerly dashboard. You will continue to have the ability to add pins using the traditional method, but by using the dashboard,  you can add the ability to track the success of your pin too.

Similar to Pinterest, users are presented with the option of uploading an image directly from the hard disc of the computer, or locate an image based on a given URL. Entering the URL will instruct Pinerly to scan the page for what it describes as “media” and it presents you with the option to pin the image.

Create Pinterest Campaign With Pinerly

Find Pinterest Media With Pinerly

Once Pinerly has found all the media on your page, simply select the image you want, then add/update the URL that you would like to direct the pin to, add a description, and select if you want to “shorten and track” your pin. If selected, Pinerly will post the pin on your behalf and add the code to track the click through’s on your pin. If not, you will only be able to see the likes and repins.

Note: If “shorten and track” is selected, your pin will appear to be put onto Pinterest from and this is slightly misleading for end users.

Search Pinterest Media Witb Pinerly

Source Of Pinterest Content With Pinerly

Once you’re finished, Pinerly directs you to the standard Pinterest pinning page for confirming your pin. When you have finished your pin, Pinerly gives you the option of pinning another image, or going to Pinalytics to review your stats.


The dashboard in Pinalytics allows you to measure the success of your campaigns over a given period. You can track the number of clicks, likes, pins, repins and total reach for a given date. There are additional options on the Pinalytics dashboard, but at the time of writing were not available for use.

Pinerly Pinalytics Dashboard


Underneath the summary chart, you can see the progress of all your previous campaigns, and there is a search facility to quickly and easily find the pin you are looking for. From here, you can monitor the success of your campaign and chose to delete or repost your campaign. Note: this is not currently obvious to the user.

Repost A Pinterest Pin With Pinerly

What else is in Pinerly?

There are one or two other functions in Pinerly that some of you will find useful. There is a suggestions function which gives users random images taken from Pinterest (via Pinerly no doubt), sorted by category. At the click of a button, you can repin the image to one of your boards, or simply “see another”. Like the parent site, you could waste hours of your life here.

Suggested Pinterest Content With Pinerly

There is also a follow function that suggests Pinterest users for you to follow online. It’s sorted by classification and scrolls though suggested users for you to follow. It doesn’t tell you anything about the users, and simply redirects you to their Pinterest page.

Pinterest Follow Suggestions With Pinerly


No review would be complete without a mention of the admin pages. Here you can change all your personal details, email notifications and timezones. The “more” navigation items gives you access to the Pinerly FAQ, blog and also allows you to invite your friends to Pinerly.

The current beta version also has a “feedback” section which I assume may disappear upon full release.


Pinerly is a great way to track the success of your pins, and optimize them for future campaigns. Like any good analytics product, it shows you which things work well, and the ones that don’t.

The site is cleverly branded to be similar to Pinterest and is kept consistent throughout. It can be a bit “clunky” when uploading lots of images, and could do with multi image upload (or a more streamlined option), but overall, an excellent tool in your Pinterest suite.

If you want to use Pinterest for your business, brand improvement, or just to try and make money from your pins, you would be very sensible to take a good long look at Pinerly.

For more information, or to get on the waiting list, please go to

Happy Pinning!

The Pinterest News Team


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    Posted by ss | June 9, 2012, 9:18 pm

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