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5 Basic Rules For Better Pinning

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Pinterest News Rule BookWe’ve been getting quite a lot of questions and feedback through the social media channels asking us to give some hint and tips on better pinning. Pinning is not an art, or a science, and Pinterest have already provided us with the basic rules on Pinterest Etiquette which we have put on this site here.

As Pinterest continues to grow in size, so does its user base, and so does the volume of images that are appearing. We can’t stop the spammers bringing their own nasty pinning techniques to the table, but we can all try to pin a bit more sensibly to try to maintain the standards that have been set to date.

Where possible, we want to try to avoid tiny little (or blurry) images, pictures with advertising plastered all over them, or images that redirect us to the wrong or inappropriate site. The list goes on and on…..

…, in response to our readers and followers, here’s our top 5 hints and tips to smarter pinning.


Don’t repin everything you see

Contrary to the joke “pin all the things”, if the quality of a pin is poor, just don’t pin it. There could be a whole number of reasons for this and most of them are obvious to even an untrained eye…..

If it doesn’t have a description, add one. If the description is poor, inaccurate, or spammy, spend a few seconds tidying it up. If the picture is too small and wouldn’t add any value to anybody, look for a bigger one.

As a rule of thumb, just think of it as an old style photo album (although some of you may be too young to remember one of these nowadays!). If you wouldn’t put the picture in it, and be prepared to show the family every Christmas, it’s probably not good enough to pin on one of your boards.

Keep your pins organized

Making sure that your pin has the correct description is one thing, but don’t mix them up into an unorganised mess. Don’t put pictures onto an inappropriate board so that nobody can find them. Name your boards appropriately – don’t call them “stuff” or “pics” or no-one will ever be able to find them or ever look at them.

Don’t put images of your cute kitten in with the ladies shoes, don’t put your ladies shoes in with the garden furniture. Don’t call the lawn mower the cute kitten, and we go around in circles.

Try and spell your image descriptions correctly. Most browsers check that for you now and it shouldn’t take much effort. Try not to use abbreviations, and avoid CaPItAls in the wrong places.

Make sure the link is accurate

Check to see where the pin is directing to. Don’t direct a picture of a television to the local zoo site, and try not to send your followers to any rather suspicious sites such as those adult in nature.

If you’re pinning an image directly from a site, make sure that you direct users to the content page it came from and not just the image on its own. Avoid clicking on the image to enlarge it, this removing the surrounding content.

Similarly, try not to put a link to the site’s homepage, but include the link to the correct item of content. If something is interesting to someone, they do not want to try to navigate their way to the item from the homepage.

Credit the content owner or source

As part of pinning 101, don’t just take images from the search engines such as Google search. If you’re searching for new and interesting pictures, at least have the courtesy to click-through the Google search result and go to the original site. There’s nothing worse that directing all of your repins to the results of a search page!!

Use the description to add the owner of the content. If it’s a product, use the opportunity to add the owner’s name and give their digital assets credit where is it deserved.

Report spam or dubious content

And finally, Pinterest have included the report spam button on the images for a reason. If an item of content is suspicious, report it. If it has fooled you into visiting a website that you didn’t want to go to, report it. If it’s risky in nature, hit the report it button without any hesitation.

It’s too easy just to get on with your pinning and repinning, but removing these content items will make Pinterest a much better place for all of us.

If we all follow these guidelines, Pinterest won’t become a perfect place for our pins, but it may just make a difference.

Happy Pinning!

The Pinterest News Team


About Us

Pinterest News are an unofficial resource for the Pinterest social media site. We are a small team of individuals that share a passion about all things Pinterest, and are proud to be able to collate as much useful information about it as possible, and display it in a single, central place on the web. We hope that you enjoy the site as much as we do, and happy pinning - The Pinterest News Team


3 Responses to “5 Basic Rules For Better Pinning”

  1. Are you joking about “keeping your pins organised” I do my pins for myself, if others want to follow that’s their choice, and by making that choice they accept the way I choose to organise. There is another so called rule going round which I can’t work out if it’s pinterests rule or a rule made up by certain users. I refer to “don’t pin more than five or I’ll block you” rule. If Pinterest is not for sharing and repinning then all the fun is taken out of it. If I banned all those who took 50 pins from my board I wouldn’t have any followers! And I wouldn’t follow anyone either because they’d have banned me!

    Posted by Rebecca | November 15, 2014, 6:31 pm
  2. I’m new to Pinterest and I’m enjoying it greatly. I have 80+ boards, so far. I’ve alphabetized the boards and got good results. The question I have is, How do you move the pins, to organize the individual pins, on a specific board? I’ve even pinned a number of ‘help pins’ about working with Pinterest boards and looked through them and have found no information on how to move pins and organize them on a particular board. For instance, under the board, Great music / Males, how would I move the pins so they are in order of the names of the artists? Thank you for your assistance. Ellis

    Posted by Ellis L. Smith, Jr. | October 24, 2015, 10:18 pm
  3. I am a newbie, joined up some weeks before Christmas.
    I would like to thank you all for the hard work that must be involved in order to provide so much information. I am totally fascinated and feel privileged to b able to benefit from it; in fact for Christmas I picked up quite a few ideas for table and home decorations. They looked lovely and didn’t break the bank. Thank you so very much, I am so glad I discovered Pinterest, a gold mine of ideas!

    Posted by Julienne Louise | January 10, 2016, 5:05 am

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