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Inspirational Quotes On Pinterest

More Funny Pinterest Images From Some eCards

We’ve had another good look around the web over the last few weeks and come up with another great collection of some ecards about Pinterest

Too Much Make Up From Pinterest

10 Funny Pinterest Images For June ’12

We’ve been searching the internet over the last few weeks, and come up with 10 more funny Pinterest images for the month of June

Have You Lost Your Wife To Pinterest

If You’re Addicted To Pinterest, You’re Not Alone

As a tribute to the amount of time we all spend on the site, here are five images that show we are not alone with our online addiction, and the effect it is having on our lives.

Pinterest News Have Moved House

Pinterest News Have Moved Home

We’re delighted to announce the fantastic move of the Pinterest News website to it’s new home on www.pinterestnews.org. Don’t worry, nothing’s gone missing. All the competitions, articles and infographics are accounted for, so don’t panic.

WP Pinner Wordpress Plugin

Update From WP Pinner Team

The founder of WP Pinner, Wilco de Kreij, has today released a youTube video to explain the current status of the plugin and when we expect to see some progress towards a full release

Pinterest News Is Better Than Caffeine

Are You Spreading The Pinterest News?

We’re delighted that you’re coming to visit us at Pinterest News to read the latest news, competitions and reviews. To help you spread the Pinterest News even more, we’ve produced these little banners for pinning and sharing. Happy Pinning!

Someecards Pinterest Humor Wine And Pinterest

Top 10 Funny eCards On Pinterest

Here’s our top 10 favourite someecards jokes about your favorite pinning platform. We’ll let the images take care of themselves, so have fun, enjoy, and don’t forget to share with all your friends and followers

Job Seeking On Pinterest

Pinterest Tips For Recruiters And Job Seekers

As businesses everywhere are climbing all over themselves to establish how best to use your favorite pinning platform, spare a thought for the less obvious businesses such as recruitment agencies and employers. Here’s our handy hints and tips for those recruiters, employers and job seekers.

Hilarious: Women vs Men On Pinterest Video

Reports show that women have been the earlier adopters of Pinterest, but men are quickly catching onto the worlds fastest growing social network, and the team at collegehumor.com have put together this rather hilarious video in a “Lord Of The Rings” style.

Pinning too far on Pinterest

Is The ‘Visual Web’ Dangerous For Pinterest?

Images are taking over our social lives and people are viewing, scanning, pinning and repinning pictures like they are going out of fashion, and social sites such as Pinterest have a huge battle in managing offensive and abusive content

Latest Update On Lost Pinterest Followers

Many of you have seen a reduction in the number of your Pinterest followers over the last few days, and lots of you have tweeted, emailed and shared your frustration to all of your friends and followers (that remain!).

10 Funny Pinterest Images For May ’12

As Pinterest starts to go crazy across the globe, the jokes start to come out of the woodwork. It a vain attempt to be light hearted, here’s our top 10 Pinterest joke images for May 2012.

Pinerly Tool Suite Coming Soon

Pinerly Inc is working hard to provide a full dashboard of Pinterest tools to “help you market your visual content”. Their product is making noise in the Pinterest world and here’s 5 tools to tell us why they can help your brand, business or project

Pinterest Funding Could Value Company At $1.5B

Reports are this week confirming that Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten have injected $100million into Pinterest, valuing the company at approximately $1.5billion – an impressive growth from the estimated $200million valuation last year.

Pinterest Just Keeps Getting Bigger!

Pinterest is, without doubt, the hottest social network around at the moment. Pinterest is ranked number 3 in the social networking world behind only Facebook and Twitter and is currently taking the world by storm in 2012

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