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Infographic: What’s On Your Pinterest Plate?

This infographic shows us the ten most repinniable food words shown on your favorite pinning platform, along with the type of diet that we would have as consumers of food on Pinterest.

Pedego Bikes Pinterest Competition

Competition: Win A Bike A Month With Pedego Electric Bikes

For those of you with Facebook, Pedego Electric Bikes are giving away a bike every month during 2012 with their pin it to win it Pinterest competition.

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Infographic: The 10 Commandments Of Pinterest

Have you ever wondered what the 10 biggest sins on Pinterest were? Maybe you’ve thought about the ten most important things you should introduce to your pins and Pinterest boards?

John Crane Toys Pinterest Competition

Competition: John Crane Ltd Toy Voucher

UK Toy distribution company John Crane Ltd are giving a £150 worth of John Crane toys in their pin it to win it Pinterest competition

Review: Improve Your Pinterest Pins With Pinerly

For those of you wishing to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, improve your brand, or just understand more about your pinning activity on Pinterest, take a look at Pinerly

Four Seasons Magazine Pinterest Competition

Competition: $2,500 Four Seasons “Pin Your Dream Wedding”

Four Seasons Magazine latest competition, entitled “Pin Your Dream Wedding” is giving away a $2,500 gift card for Four Seasons Hotels And Resorts Worldwide. Their pinning competition is perfect for all you wedding planners who are obsessed with our favourite pinning platform.

Someecards Pinterest Humor Wine And Pinterest

Top 10 Funny eCards On Pinterest

Here’s our top 10 favourite someecards jokes about your favorite pinning platform. We’ll let the images take care of themselves, so have fun, enjoy, and don’t forget to share with all your friends and followers

Pinterest Spam

Businesses And Individuals Beware Of Pinterest Spammers

As Pinterest tops 20 million users, and businesses and marketeers are dreaming up imaginative and creative ways to push products and services, there’s probably a dark room full of spammers putting together the latest plot to target you – right now!!

Job Seeking On Pinterest

Pinterest Tips For Recruiters And Job Seekers

As businesses everywhere are climbing all over themselves to establish how best to use your favorite pinning platform, spare a thought for the less obvious businesses such as recruitment agencies and employers. Here’s our handy hints and tips for those recruiters, employers and job seekers.

Hilarious: Women vs Men On Pinterest Video

Reports show that women have been the earlier adopters of Pinterest, but men are quickly catching onto the worlds fastest growing social network, and the team at collegehumor.com have put together this rather hilarious video in a “Lord Of The Rings” style.

Pinning too far on Pinterest

Is The ‘Visual Web’ Dangerous For Pinterest?

Images are taking over our social lives and people are viewing, scanning, pinning and repinning pictures like they are going out of fashion, and social sites such as Pinterest have a huge battle in managing offensive and abusive content

Pinterest Competition For Ishara

Competition: $50 Gift Card For Online Shop Ishara

Online clothes store Ishara are offering a $50 gift card in their new “pin it to win it” competition. To enter, simply pin your favorite Ishara dress onto Pinterest and include the hashtag #shopishara. The person who pins the most wins the gift card, so get pinning.

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Infographic: How To Promote Your Restaurant On Pinterest

This interesting infographic from restaurant supply superstore Instawares shows us why it’s important to think about marketing your restaurant on Pinterest, and gives some handy hints and tips on what best practices to follow in order to turn your menu into return!

Latest Update On Lost Pinterest Followers

Many of you have seen a reduction in the number of your Pinterest followers over the last few days, and lots of you have tweeted, emailed and shared your frustration to all of your friends and followers (that remain!).

Teaser Tour Of The Pinerly Dashboard

The long awaited Pinterest campaign and analytics package Pinerly will soon be hitting a web browser near you. Pinerly provides a suite of tools to help content creators and sellers of goods easily post and measure their visual content onto social media sites like Pinterest.

10 Funny Pinterest Images For May ’12

As Pinterest starts to go crazy across the globe, the jokes start to come out of the woodwork. It a vain attempt to be light hearted, here’s our top 10 Pinterest joke images for May 2012.

Threadsence Pinterest Competition

Competition: Win A $150 Threadsence Gift Card

The team at Threadsence are offering a $150 gift card in a new Pinterest Competition entitled “Desires Of A Modern Day Goddess”. If you blink an eye, you’ll miss it….

Kentucky Monthly Pinterest Competition

Competition: Seasoned Cooking Of Kentucky Book

Our friends at Kentucky Monthly are offering a free copy of their Seasoned Cooking of Kentucky book with their latest Pinterest Competition. Simply create a Pinterest board called “My Kentucky Eats” and pin your favorite pictures to win.

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Infographic: 16 Ways Educators Can Use Pinterest

The students of today are no strangers to modern technology, and the younger people of today know more about computers than many of their parents. This infographic by onlineuniversities.com takes a deeper look into how our teachers and students can use Pinterest in the educational system

Electrolux Design Lab Pinterest Competition

Competition: Electrolux Design Lab Mini Blender

The Electrolux Design Lab “work in progress” competition encourages you budding designers to come up with some creative ideas to stand a chance of winning one of 5 Powermix Mini Compact Blenders

Pinerly Tool Suite Coming Soon

Pinerly Inc is working hard to provide a full dashboard of Pinterest tools to “help you market your visual content”. Their product is making noise in the Pinterest world and here’s 5 tools to tell us why they can help your brand, business or project

HSN Gift Card Competition

Competition: HSN Offer $500 Gift Card

Multichannnel retailer HSN are offering you the chance to win a $500 gift card for creating your dream room on Pinterest. If that’s not enough incentive for you, they are throwing in a 1 year subscription to House Beautiful magazine for the first 50 competition entries.

American Airlines Pinterest Competition

Competition: American Airlines Trip To Asia

Our friends at American Airlines are pushing the social media boundaries once again with a new competition to win a trip to Asia, offering business class air travel for two to Tokyo and a three night stay in the Shangri-La hotel.

Huge Brands Offer Competitions And Deals

As Social Media marketeers scratch their heads on how best to market themselves and their clients on Pinterest, one thing is for sure. There is definitely an increase in the number of competitions, prize giveaways, and bargain deals on the site.

First Sony Pinterest Competition

Competition: Pin For Exclusive SONY Discounts

It doesn’t get much bigger than Sony does it? Even better still, Sony states that “we are big fans of Pinterest”, giving followers the chance to share the featured product and obtain a set amount of pins to unlock a special discount code.